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Dropbox is a cloud-based file sharing software system that caters to individuals and businesses of all sizes. This solution allows users to share files and send file requests to people even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. Multiple users can leave comments on files and can collaborate with Microsoft Office.

Arcserve Cloud Direct

Backup, disaster recovery, continuous availability, migration, and email archiving with your cloud, our cloud, or no cloud. Any type of workload, same proven results.

Metallic Backup

Simple, smart, secure data protection as a service. For on-premises, SaaS, and cloud-native data, Metallic gives you the best choice for your hybrid cloud journey.

Veritas SaaS Backup

Unified multi-cloud protection. Veritas data protection reduces complexity, scales with growth and provides a foundation for multi-cloud data management.

Archive Social

Trusted social media archiving solution for public entities to remain compliant with public records laws and actively manage risk online.