Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Balancing Act provides government with the tools for meaningful financial transparency, accountability and participation.

Key Features

  • Simulation — Show residents a model of the budget and collect their input
  • Taxpayer Receipt — Let users estimate taxes paid and see where the money goes
  • Consulting — Tap the experience of professionals to work through tough challenges


Budget accountability and transparency are well-established practices of good governance. Budget participation is less familiar. Balancing Act is committed to supporting local governments in all three of these areas with free learning resources that focus on real world cases.


System integration is customized for the client based on their needs.

Best For

Government agencies looking for financial transparency, accountability and participation with their communities.


Balancing Act is an easy-to-use online budget simulation that engages stakeholders to help leaders make tough choices. Share information with residents about your budget and educate them on key financial issues. Receive informed input to help you make the tough choices that are necessary to balance your budget. Let residents experience the same constraints that you face. Proud of the services you provide to residents with limited resources? Why not give them a receipt? This app asks a few simple questions, estimates taxes paid, and then shows individuals where their tax dollars go. Balancing Act is offered by Engaged Public, a public sector consulting firm celebrating its 20th year of service. We can help you design and implement strategies for productive conversations with residents using facts and modern, tech-assisted methods so that everyone’s voice is heard.


  • Chris Abele

    I feel strongly that the community should be heard as we make important decisions about where and how to invest our resources into programs and services that empower more people. County Executive, Milwaukee County