Casebook cb Engage


Case Management for Human & Social Services built to engage with the person, not just manage a record.

Key Features

  • Track the continuum of care: For individual and group clients and their relationship network, view changes & outcomes over time, on an easy to understand Person Profile.
  • Notebook: Empowers workers to capture case notes intuitively, and securely on any browser-enabled device – with all data immediately viewable to supervisors, administrators, or colleagues.
  • Person-Centric: See the whole story with person profile – view services, involvement history, notes, relationships, and more.


Case Management for Human & Social Services. At Casebook, we understand that the clients you serve aren’t just cases – they’re people, so we created software built to engage with the person, not just manage a record


Casebook’s LightSpeed process makes it easy to implement and go live without complex integration.

Best For

Support multiple programs delivered by your agency – all on the one platform purpose-built for human services; Capture and display vital information – client program involvements, service enrollments and delivery, and case notes over time to understand what action the agency has taken to date.


Case Management Software Built for Mobility. Casebook cb Engage is purpose-built for human and social services case management and takes into account the need for better record keeping. Quick access to services & relationships and immediately capture critical information throughout the service lifecycle and share it throughout the organization – even outside of a traditional office environment. Caseworkers and social workers who are on the go working with clients or interacting with service providers will have a tool that moves with them through their day on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.