Critical App

Critical App

Critical is a communication app that connects leaders and frontline personnel easier than ever before.

Key Features

  • Email: Smooth, without the cluttered chaos of the standard inbox.
  • Squad Board: Like an internal facebook feed for your department.
  • Department Survey: Honest feedback without the massive survey process.
  • Text Phone Tree: Connect instantly with anyone in your department.
  • Chief’s Suggestion Box: Without the awkward box at headquarters.
  • Intranet: A hub for everyone to access SOPs, docs, & policies on the go.
  • Cloud-base Dashboard: Reviewable dashboard for leaders to get answers quick.
  • HR Hotline: So leaders can proactively deal with the big things.


With the entire department at your fingertips, you can spin up an individual or group chat with a single tap. Direct chats remain private between you and the other person while group chats can be used for social or work-related topics. With Critical, designated Leaders can see and track all incoming feedback. Leaders can also annotate updates on all reports that are filed right from their desktop. Analytic and diagnostic reports are available to track statistics and feedback over time.


No special system requirements.


Best For

Departments looking to adopt a better internal communication tool.


Get the pulse of your people with in ten minutes or less. Critical improves how you seek input on important topics and how your personnel provide it with just a couple easy taps. Feedback process becomes a lively exchange of ideas, restoring happiness and quality to your decision-making process. Share updates and news directly into their app feeds, where it’s easy for everyone to stay up to date. With company announcements and file sharing, everyone can engage and see what’s going on in real-time. No squad board required.

With Critical, personnel voice concerns the second they have them, without wasting time. When a report is received, Critical allows for back-and-forth communication between the reporter and recipient through an interface that looks and acts like texting.


  • Annika J.

    The news feature on Critical is a game-changer. We don’t hear anyone complaining about not knowing something. – Public Affairs Lieutenant

  • Joshua P.

    It’s awesome to see my team’s need in real time.

  • Drew M.

    No more chat groups that intertwine with my personal life. So much easier for all us. – Navy Commander

  • Samuel N.

    This dashboard is one I can’t live without. A dashboard that keep me updated on how my managers are taking care of our people is amazing.