Bring your team’s work together! Create visibility into projects, workflows, and deadlines. With Evernote, you can create and share notes and files in real time, so your team always has the latest updates.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly move between devices: Inspiration can strike anywhere. Begin a note on your phone and finish it on your laptop without losing your train of thought.
  • Safe and synced: Tired of losing track of important information? Evernote automatically saves notes online and makes them available on all your devices.
  • No signal? No problem. With offline access, your notes are always with you—even if you’re nowhere near a WiFi or mobile data signal.


Create a detailed system of notebooks or keep it simple and let our powerful search do the work. Either way, you get the right note, right away. Tag notes with keywords to sort them by category, even if they’re saved in different notebooks. Tags make organizing easier, and endlessly flexible. Find notes by searching for titles, dates, content types, and keywords—including words in pictures and handwriting—and get results while you type.


No special system requirements.


Best For

For remote teams to stay organized.


With information and content living in different places, it’s harder than ever to stay on top of things. Spend less time looking for information and unify your workflow by integrating Evernote with the applications you already use. Evernote allows teammates to access, edit, upload, and share notes and files from any device—even if they’re offline.

Collaborating on a project? Trading ideas with a client? Use Spaces to share notes and notebooks with anyone you choose. Everything is instantly in sync with the latest updates and pinned notes, so nobody misses important information.


  • Zulhilmi N.

    My overall experience with Evernote Business is very positive. I can record my ideas to the software anytime i need because i have a very easy access to the software. Not restricted only for work related stuff, i also use it for my personal purposes.

  • Lauren H.

    I remember Evernote when it was in its early development stages as an optimistic note-taking application. Years in the making, it grew a business software branch and became even more extensive. I have positive support for the brand and hope it’ll continue to grow.

  • Daniel W.

    All in all, I would undoubtedly recommend Evernote Business to any business out there as it provides immense value in collaboration, integrations, templates and more! There are even learning classes for businesses that are starting out, who want to make full use of Evernote. All of this for a small number of flaws such as the pricing.