Metallic Backup


Simple, smart, secure data protection as a service. For on-premises, SaaS, and cloud-native data, Metallic gives you the best choice for your hybrid cloud journey.

Key Features

  • VM & Kubernetes Backup: The only SaaS data protection service that covers a full range of hybrid workloads, meaning your containers are always safe.
  • Office 365 Backup & Recovery: Protect what matters most against corruption and deletion across the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite.
  • Database Backup: A simple, flexible, integrated protection solution for all your structured data needs, this one has you covered.
  • Endpoint Backup & Recovery: Endpoint protection has never been more quick or simple, with automated backups and flexible, granular restore.
  • File & Object Backup: What would you say if you could reduce on-premises storage costs AND maintain compliance AND do it all quickly and easily?
  • Cloud Storage Service: Metallic and Commvault customers get fully-managed cloud storage for the broadest set of workloads, all in a single interface.


With Metallic, harness the leading data protection technology running on the Azure cloud to protect your data wherever it lives. Get hybrid cloud backup with ultimate scale and proven security via simple SaaS management.


No special system requirements.

Best For

Agencies in need of simple, smart, secure data protection as a service.


Data growth may seem limitless, but budgets aren’t. That’s why Metallic delivers cost-optimized protection for your unstructured data, including Azure Blob, Azure Files, Windows File Systems, and Linux File Systems. From AD to DB, Metallic’s Database Backup is the essential safeguard for protecting Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA and Active Directory from ransomware and other threats.

From 1 to 1,000+ terabytes, stay protected as your data, users, and breadth of environments grow. Innovative deduplication, compression technology, bandwidth optimization, data index, and granular restore means super-fast performance. Data encrypted in flight and at rest; an air gap guards against ransomware and malware.


  • Marlo Alexander

    We really needed a product where we could extend the Microsoft Office 365 backups and archival process, as well as back up our Office 365 SharePoints and our users’ OneDrives. That way we could have a seven-year retention plan and if we need to go back and grab someone’s email that they accidentally deleted two years ago, we could. We also needed a solution that we didn’t have to have onsite storage for, because we had a storage restriction onsite. This product gave me the ability to have everything stored, as a SaaS model. Everything is right there.

  • Kristian Smith

    Our primary use case is for Office 365 Backup. We started out as an Exchange Online only company. Then we were looking for some sort of backup solution to augment the existing Microsoft Office 365 archiving features for a price that was more compatible with our company versus what Microsoft was offering for their archiving solution. We also needed the ability to do time and date stamp retrievals. We ended up settling on Commvault at that time. We’ve been with them, and we’ve seen it more from being in the Commvault virtualized infrastructure to being the SaaS solution.

  • Benjamin R Roper

    We use it for endpoint backups. They are laptops and we needed a solution that could handle Linux, Macintoshes, and Windows, in different locations, and Metallic was the best option available.