NordVPN Teams


NordVPN Teams enables you to manage every user account and feature from one centralized Control Panel.

Key Features

  • Secure connection
  • Private gateways
  • Shared gateways
  • Auto connection
  • Team management
  • Encrypted connections


Reap the benefits of customizable VPN features: Manage user accounts, control permissions, create gateways — all from one centralized Control Panel; Handle all NordVPN Teams expenses with ease — you won’t receive multiple invoices since they are sent for all users at once; Dedicated account managers are available to help you make the best of NordVPN Teams every step of the way.


No special system requirements.


Best For

For organization looking to conveniently access resources on the go. Whether you’re working from home, a shared workspace, or a conference, a VPN enables you to access all business data securely.


Surfing online without borders is just one of the advantages a VPN for organizations has to offer. NordVPN Teams provides a variety of servers in 33 countries around the world. Our wide network of servers ensures smooth performance no matter where you and your coworkers are.


  • Casey Neistat

    NordVPN is a service I have been using for years. I think they are one of the best products in space.

  • Phil DeFranco

    Having NordVPN on my phone and my other devices is essential.