Veritas SaaS Backup


Unified multi-cloud protection. Veritas data protection reduces complexity, scales with growth and provides a foundation for multi-cloud data management.

Key Features

  • Reliably Protect Next-gen Workloads: Drive down complexity and increase reliability by protecting all your data with a unified solution.
  • Modern Data Protection: Exploit cloud storage while protecting cloud workloads in a cost-effective, efficient way.
  • Unrivaled Scalability: Outpace data growth with superior performance and advanced data reduction methods.
  • Powerful Simplicity: Backup Exec offers powerful, flexible and trusted mid-market data protection for virtual, physical and cloud environments.
  • Optimized for the Multi-Cloud: Fast-changing multi-cloud environments demand a new approach to data protection.


Veritas SaaS Backup is powerful, but not complex. You are in control of everything you back up, right down to the file or email. Office 365 built-in retention policies can only protect you from data loss in a limited way and are not intended to be a complete backup solution. SaaS Backup protects and recovers your entire Office 365 from your emails, calendars and contacts to tasks, OneDrive files, SharePoint and Sites and keeps it for as long as you need to—all with a couple of clicks.


No special system requirements.

Best For

With data spread across cloud, virtual, physical and legacy workloads, many IT leaders wonder if their data is fully protected. Veritas provides unified multi-cloud protection for any type of government agency.


As more organizations adopt a work-from-home model, it’s more important than ever to provide comprehensive backup for SaaS data. SaaS Backup is the best way to ensure your SaaS data is protected. Your data gets in-flight and at-rest data encryption backed by 99.9% service uptime and highly secure, global data centers.


  • Andrew Lance

    A few months after Nexio rolled out Veritas SaaS Backup, while the company was still fairly early on the learning curve for Office 365, the data management business lost all the data that users had stored in SharePoint Online. “It could have been a disaster but we were able to recover all the data immediately, with no issues at all. – Product Manager,Data Management, Nexio