Paola Santana for Al Día News: 'You cannot change what you cannot see'


Jul 10, 2023 • WRITTEN BY Al Dia News

Emphasizing that she does not like to be labeled in any of the professional fields through which she has passed in her prolific career, Paola Santana is recognized for her impeccable work philosophy that allows her to make projects come true that otherwise would not be executed.

In her many roles, Santana seeks to efficiently promote the correct execution of public policies that different communities urgently require. 

In addition to standing out as a Fulbright scholar and graduate of George Washington, Georgetown and Singularity University, Santana has received in her short but rich career such important recognitions, like CNET Top 20 Latin in Tech, Forbes Top 50 Women of Power in Central America and the Dominican Republic, and LinkedIn Top 10 Professionals Under 35 in Enterprise Tech, among others.

She also served as lead of the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Group and appointed member of the first FAA Drone Advisory Committee.

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